My Demons II

>> vendredi 17 octobre 2008

I saw the night coming up
breaking through daylights,
fighting for the rise of darkness;
feeding up gods’ blindness.

I can feel their rage.
I saw them delivered,
seeking a final revenge,
awaiting vengeance,
breaking centuries of silence.

Your world is coming to an end,

your faith is useless,
your weapons are worthless,
and your suffering will be endless,

Resistance is futile.
Chaos is imminent.
You’re powerless.

You’ve got to believe me.
‘cause I’m the one who brought them back,
fed them with his choler,
taught them his rancor,
gave them his insanity,
and wrote their destiny.

They’re almost here.
Shadows are near.
They’re almost here.
I can feel your fear.
They’re already here.

Par RadioDrama

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